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Osaka Gas USA Corporation ("OGUSA") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd ("Osaka Gas") formed to develop, construct, acquire and manage energy businesses throughout North America.

Established in 1897, Osaka Gas has over 100 years of experience in the energy sector and has grown into a diversified energy company, well-positioned across the entire natural gas value chain.  Osaka Gas is a major natural gas and energy service provider serving 7.0 million customers in central Japan.  The Company accounts for approximately 25% of the entire natural gas market in Japan.  Osaka Gas is actively pursuing investment opportunities consistent with its long-term "Going Forward Beyond Borders 2030" business plan.  As a part of the vision, Osaka Gas plans to deploy $5.5 billion by 2030 in energy assets internationally.

In 2014, Osaka Gas Energy America Corporation (“OGEA”) , Osaka Gas Resources America Corporation (“OGRA”), and Osaka Gas Freedom Energy Corporation (“OGFE”) were merged to form OGUSA facilitating the effective management of the highly diversified businesses. OGEA, established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Osaka Gas, managed a portfolio of twelve (12) power plants with a total gross capacity of 5,223 MW (1,658 MW net ownership). OGRA, established in 2012 as a subsidiary of OGEA, managed investment of one (1) shale gas & oil project (35% ownership) in Texas. In addition, OGFE, established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Osaka Gas, owns a 10% stake in a Texas LNG re-gasification terminal. And Osaka Gas Resources Canada Ltd. (“OGRC”), a subsidiary of Osaka Gas, owns and 50% stake in a utility scale solar facility in Ontario, Canada.

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